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The Coaching Experience doesn’t teach or believe in magic formulas or a quick fix. I teach and believe in leading, serving, and working at a much higher level than most coaches think is possible. With that said, your coaching career is all about your personal choices, healthy habits, and taking action. I’m legally required to remind you that I do not guarantee your results, income, or outcomes if you use the tools, trainings, strategies, and secrets I share. I deliver a high level of training and content that will hopefully serve you (and your athletes) for years to come. Will you get the same results as other coaches who have worked with me? I have no idea. It really depends on you - the decisions you make, the actions you take, and a level of personal accountability. Nothing on this page (or on any of my other material) is meant to guarantee results. I do not offer legal, tax, financial or other professional advice. Thank you for visiting! Now, go out there and do the amazing work you do as a coach - changing lives and changing our world!