A super cool community of coaches dedicated to staying connected and getting support all season long



Most athletic coaches don’t get the coaching, training, and support you could really use as a leader!

You need more places to share what’s going on for you, talk through your challenges (both big and small), and collaborate with other coaches - who really get it - to find out you’re not alone.

Finally!  Get connected instead of trying to figure everything out alone.


The Coaches Mentorship Club is a super-cool community of athletic coaches who are committed to each other’s expansion and success. It’s a place to break away from the normal patterns of isolation and burnout – so you can get encouragement, consistent training, monthly support, mindset help and access to coaching that you deserve!

How it all works:

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1 - Live Monthly Trainings

These unique mini-trainings will focus on strategies you can use with your team right away. Each training will deliver context, action steps, and tools that will get you thinking about HOW you’re doing WHAT you’re doing as a coach.

Join Erica live as she puts a new spin on leadership training - so its actually actionable and applicable to coaching. These trainings will be recorded so you can come back and watch them anytime.

Here are just a few examples of upcoming trainings:

  • The importance of a clear vision that you share with your team

  • How identifying and talking about values builds trust

  • Structure how you teach leadership to your team

  • How to lead an effective team debrief

  • Facilitate conflict in a healthy way

  • A tool to help you stay calm in stressful situations

2 - Energy Upgrades

Mini-Mindset Trainings

I talk to coaches about how they are constantly navigating two layers.

The first is the OUTER layer – which is all about the x’s and 'o’s: your training, how you plan and coach your team.  (That’s what the Live Monthly Trainings are for!)

The second is the INNER layer – which is all about your ability to succeed, your mindset, your confidence.

That’s where Energy Upgrades come in!  These short mindset trainings are like Espresso Shots you can tune into during challenging times.  Quick “get-able” usable trainings that dive to the heart of the matter in rapid-fire ways to anchor and re-anchor you to the mindsets and energies you most need for your daily momentum and success.

Here are a few examples of Energy Upgrade themes:


3 - The Coaches Power Hour

Monthly Group Q&A Call

As one of the charter-members of The Coaches Mentorship Club, the answers to your burning questions are always just around the corner.  Once a month, you get to hop on the phone with Erica and your coaches mentorship club colleagues to get insight on your biggest questions.

And the best news is that even if you can’t make the call, you get to write in your question days in advance.  And yes, the calls are recorded -- so you can listen while you’re driving, running errands, or working out. In other words, you can focus on your growth as a leader on your own time!

4 - Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Here’s where the rubber meets the road, and your feeling of having to do it all by yourself will finally disappear.

With the Private Facebook Group, you’re never far away from a tribe of like-minded coaches and leaders (as well as Erica & her team) who are here to help support you through the challenges that come up for you and your team. Check in with your questions. Plus, get weekly high-fives, resources, and resets to help you build the momentum and resilience required of today’s coaches.

Ready to Get Started?

This amazing package of resources costs less than $40 per month.
(Think of it as a gym membership for your potential!)

Click to enroll below and let's do this!

BONUS #1 - A Leadership Scorecard

So you can take a look at where you are as a leader and focus on the specific areas where you can continue to grow and develop so you can be more effective.  Go back and revisit this every 6 months to track your growth and development.

BONUS #2 - A Coaches Toolbox

Contains my go-to collection of simple tools you can use to help you shift your perspective, reframe challenges, and get clear on the next steps you’ll take.  Use these tools with your team and your staff to gain valuable self awareness.  (More tools and mini-trainings will be added as the Coaches Mentorship Club continues to grow and expand.)

BONUS #3 - A 90-Day Coaches Planner

Download your very own 90-day coaches planner. This planner includes tools you can utilize daily, weekly, and monthly. Taking time to celebrate your accomplishments on a regular basis will help you recognize the value you deliver each day. Stay focused and on track with your goals and the things you want to accomplish.


Here’s what other coaches have to say about working with Erica...

“There was a lot of change for me this year professionally…so having a sounding board of coaches was really helpful. I used the Facebook group for weekly check-ins and inspiration from coaches around the country fighting for their teams and their growth. I used my monthly calls with Erica to discuss topics that came up through the year, finding my voice as an assistant, and gaining insight into my personal blindspots. I used Erica’s coaching toolbox to look up positive team-building exercises and activities.”

--Katie Robinson, Associate Head Coach, Northwestern

"I felt like I did the right things this season but it didn't translate to a higher commitment level from my players or more wins.  Working with Erica I gained a support system of awesome women plus motivation for both personal and professional goals.  I learned I need to give myself more credit for the "small wins" over the course of the season."

-- Hollie Howard-Carpenter, Head Women's Basketball Coach at Western Oregon University

"The most important take-away for me was that I don't have to have it all figured out. If my career trajectory changes or stays the same, as long as I do the best that I can in the present, I can cross future bridges when I get there. I think this is relevant because it will ultimately lead to more thoughtful and less impulsive career choices."

-- Helaina Sacco, Assistant Men's and Women's Swimming Coach, Dartmouth College

A Note from Erica

April 2018 - testimonials (1).png

Hi there coach,

See if any of these sound like you…

  • You are a head coach focused on the big picture. You teach lessons through sports that extend well-beyond the playing field. Yet, there are times when it seems like you can’t do or say anything right. No one understands the challenges you face and you’re often left trying to figure it out on your own. You can feel isolated. Like, “Who can I talk to who understands what I’m going through??”

  • You are an assistant coach who wants to make a difference. You know that you’re able to connect with the athletes on your team and you have a good sense of what they need. You sometimes struggle and feel like you’re in the middle…trying to live up to the expectations of your coaching staff while you look after the athletes on the team.

  • You are ready to step up and have a lot more fun in this career.  You’re ready to embrace and learn from the challenges that come up. You’re ready to get a lot more support, feel a lot more connected, have a lot more clarity, and you know it’s time.

If any of these feel true, then welcome to the world of being a coach.  You’re an uncommon, driven, success-focused breed – and you need an uncommon, driven, and success-focused community.

That’s because being a coach is a full-contact sport, and asks you to be a top-performer every single day. (Not just when you feel like it.)

I'm Erica Quam, founder of The Coaching Experience. I help coaches become stronger, more confident leaders - both on and off the field.

My approach to working with coaches is unique... because I've been there myself AND have worked directly with athletic coaches for the last eight years.

I teach simple frameworks that get you thinking about HOW you do WHAT you do as a coach.

I help coaches lay out a game plan to follow - before your season starts - so you aren't spinning your wheels reacting to all the challenges that come up.  This kind of work will elevate everyone around you.

If you’ve paid any attention to the work I do with coaches, you already know that I’ve led women’s coaching summits for the last eight years. Coaches have invested hundreds of dollars to come and work with me in Bellingham for three days. I’ve had coaches who come to the summit every year and have worked with me for 3, 4, 5 and up to 8 years. Coaches have gotten their first head coaching job, made the transition into athletic administration, been elevated to associate head coaches, and taken on elevated roles with greater responsibilities as assistant coaches.

But what if you’re not ready to make such a big commitment and come to a coaching summit in Washington?  What if you want the community, the support, the trainings and the encouragement – but you aren’t financially ready to come to a summit?

Well, that’s why I’m inviting you - this one-time-only - to be among our first charter-members of The Coaches Mentorship Club.

The Coaches Mentorship Club is a super-cool community of coaches who are committed to each other’s expansion and success.  It’s a place to bust out of the frantic pace and normal (yes, normal!) pattern of overwhelm – and get encouragement, strategy, training, daily support, mindset help and access to coaching.

And if you join now, you’ll be one of the exclusive core group. I’m giving you the chance to jump in for this introductory rate.  (And you’ll lock in this rate for as long as you’re a member.)

So, join me. Test it out for a month, or two, or three. I know you’ll love this incredible group of coaches, you’ll learn a ton about yourself, and be inspired with new tools get the kind of results you’ve been reading about and dreaming about. Finally!

Let’s do this. Click below to take the first giant (and super easy) step to your dream team!



p.s.  I spent 15 years as a collegiate coach. Then I reinvented myself, started a business, and began working directly with coaches.  How did I make this transition? By investing in myself, in my own learning, support, expansion, coaching, mentors – and masterminds. Now it’s your turn to get this level of help.

p.p.s. If this level of support sounds like something you need, it doesn’t make you weird or ‘special’. Strategy, soul and consistent encouragement can help all coaches.  Everyone needs this.